• Project Director

    Job Description and Requirements are as follows:


    1. To follow the progress of all projects and communicate with factories globally;

    2. To take charge of negotiation with suppliers. Skilled negotiation ability required;

    3. Linking sales, designers and factories;

    4. On-site project management and business expansion.


    1. Bachelor degree and above. 1 year working experience and above; with exhibition industry experience preferred;

    2. Familiar with exhibition construction, strong ability of learning and problem solving, frequent business trips available;

    3. Strong ability in negotiation, detail focused, flexible in arranging work contents;

    4. Good in comprehensive arrangement and well with multitask execution;

    Skilled in writing and oral English.
  • Senior Designer

    Job Description and Requirements are as follows:


    1. Creative work upon customers’ requests; design for exhibitions, showroom, museum, etc.

    2. To communicate and maintain international and domestic projects independently; to coordinate and solve problems;

    3. To anticipate in the design and give unbiased suggestion;

    4. To complete all the tasks dispatched from leaders.


    1. Unique and excellent creative ability;

    2. Major in design, proficient in 3D, CAD software etc., and solid in art ability;

    3. Good at communication, precise and complete interpretation of creative ideas.

  • General Manager Assistant

    Job Description and Requirements are as follows:


    1. To complete business work from General Manager office; to assist the GM to deal with daily routine work, emails, communication, coordination and reception between partner companies;

    2. Public relations coordination and assistance between departments of the company.


    1. Proficient in writing and oral English;

    2. Marketing, English major, Bachelor and above;

    3. 2 years experience and above in advertisement or exhibition industry;

    4. Strong ability in communication, negotiation and public relation;

    5. Enthusiastic, careful and self-motivated.

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